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media wall with stove

Media Wall Installation in Kent

Media Wall design and installation from Medway Stoves

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Media Wall Installation

Beautiful Media Wall Design

Media Wall Design

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Media Wall Installation

Rely on Medway Stoves to guide you through the Media Wall design process. We have many years' experience in designing the perfect media wall that matches your home design and has all the functionality that you require. Media Walls can serve as a storage area, room focal point and can come with a built in stove to heat your home. So, by adding a media wall with built in fireplace to your home offers you an array of benefits and can even increase the value of your home.

One of the best advantages of Media Wall installation is the beautiful design it brings to your home. With the ability to incorporate and hide wiring, the general aesthetic of your home is going to improve. Media Walls when combined with a fireplace beneath, gives your home added functionality and can also reduce your home's heating costs.
Media Wall installation carried out by our experts can take a couple of days, but when finished you will have a beautifully enhanced space.
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Media Walls: FAQ

Do I need permission before arranging stove installation?

No, we can self certify on your behalf as we are HETAS registered (Building regulations- Approved document J). Booking through us saves you money too as getting the certifications independently can cost up to £200.

Can I install my own log burner?

Yes you can, however you must get the certifications from your local council, which can cost you money. You will also need a certificate of completion for your home insurance.

Do I need a chimney?

Yes, the smoke from your stove needs somewhere to go. We can design and install a chimney system for you. Rigid stainless steel pipes can be made, in-house, by our trained and experienced experts.

Is my house suitable/approved for a log burner?

Every home situation, layout and stove options are different. However the vast majority of people CAN have log burners installed in their home. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Is the UK going to ban log burners?

DEFRA approved and eco designs available, due to the carbon output on certain models. All new log burners are A-rated or higher appliances, meaning all of our available stoves are over 80% efficient.

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